Let's U-nite!

Ontwerp een leven dat jou reflecteert!

Aron B. Waters

9/19/20237 min lezen

I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude today as I share this message on my birthday.

The reason for this is quite simple.

Recently, we've reignited the spark of U-nite.

In the past, U-nite was an organization dedicated to hosting events where exceptional talents could take center stage and showcase their unique gifts. Reflecting on this journey, I feel like I am truly blessed by the opportunity to embark on this adventure once more. It feels like a dream coming true.

The inception of U-nite was an unforgettable experience. It all began during my CD presentation, a moment shared with close friends and family. We came together, created music, and shared a magical evening. While I may have forgotten to present my CD, the joy of sharing the stage with my friends and witnessing their performances was extraordinary. It was so enjoyable that we decided to continue organizing these events, and thus, U-nite was born.

Our first logo

Now, as my birthday celebration approaches on the 24th of September, I can't help but wonder: will we celebrate my birthday or something entirely different?

What is U-nite?

U-nite has changed and grown over time. Even though it might not have been a tangible thing, I've been pondering and daydreaming about it for a long time.

I truly believe that U-nite embodies the complete philosophy necessary for living life to the fullest.

It feels like what we aspire to create isn't readily available, and that's why I'm incredibly grateful to be in a position to facilitate this transformation.

U-nite is a movement that's about “U”!

The individual is the most important part of the whole and if every individual is thriving, the whole will thrive.

The vision contains the following elements:
- Who are you?
- What are your passions, talents and gifts?
- How can we help you to fully embody those?

One of our first events

Every one of us possesses something truly unique within, something that sets us apart. However, far too many people are living lives that don't align with their true selves. Take a look around, and you'll see countless remarkable individuals simply going through the motions to make ends meet.

At U-nite, we firmly believe that there's a better way. When you're passionate and pursuing what you love, you emanate positive energy and good vibrations. This joyfulness is infectious, and others can't help but be uplifted by your positive vibe.

Isn't life supposed to be like that?

You have been given these passions, talents and gifts for a profound purpose — not to let them gather dust, but to embrace them fully and let them shine.

Why have you been given this particular set of gifts and someone else has a completely different set of talents and gifts?

I truly believe that each of us brings something special to the world.

Think about it this way – isn't it scarier to be stuck in a job you don't enjoy, feeling your zest for life slowly fading away?

Our Principles
At U-nite we work with three fundamental pillars that build on each other:
1. Discovery
2. Ownership
3. Community

We will go deeper into all of these below.

The initial phase involves self-discovery. In this stage, we delve into the question: "Who am I?" It's essential to recognize that this isn't a one-day task; it's a lifelong expedition encompassing the processes of discovery, integration, and shedding old programming. This journey may span many years, but the continuous exploration is what truly matters.

As a child we have been growing up in a world where we are constantly bombarded with impulses and imprints. In the West and especially in cities it can be quite hard to get back at yourself and be at peace. There's just always something going on.

We incarnate in a family where we experience certain events that imprint us for life. If our parents where not unconditionally loving, because of their wounds and traumas, chances are that you have some triggers and wounds yourself that want to be healed first, so that you can discover who you truly are.

This journey is not for the weak. It requires a lot of courage, but it is the most rewarding journey you will ever take. It's the journey of becoming who you are meant to be. Fully embodying ALL that you are.

In this process you will reconnect with your inner child, you will find back your joy, you will discover and re-discover passions, talents and gifts that you have.

Time to discover…

You will heal. You will face deeply rooted pains from your childhood and maybe even past lives. This will help you set yourself free. Free from the shackles and imprints and programming to get back at you.

That's where your life starts, truly starts. Without the conditioning, purely from the deepest of your soul and being.

Life is an ongoing adventure, and taking this first step marks the commencement of your lifelong commitment to exploration, growth, and continuous discovery.

The second most important step you can take is to embrace ownership. Own who you are. Be unapologetically you. In a world where many strive to be like others, aspiring to be the next Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, remember that's not your path. You are distinctly you, with your own personality and a unique set of skills.

Don't be afraid to be different. Embrace it.
Be afraid to be mediocre. The definition of being normal is: "approximating the statistical average or norm". Is that who you want to be?

What I've observed among high school students today is a prevalent fear of being different. The desire to fit in and be seen as "normal" often stems from a fear of being singled out or picked on. But here's the question we should all consider: Is conforming to this idea of normalcy really a path to true happiness?

Individually, we are all wonderfully unique, but in the collective, we tend to behave differently. We often find ourselves conforming to the unspoken expectations of the group. Being different can sometimes invite scrutiny or even ridicule.

This phenomenon has always left me deeply intrigued. I've always yearned to witness individuals flourishing in their talents and pursuing what genuinely brings them joy. However, for many, this sight can evoke unexpected emotions. It can stir jealousy or awaken dormant aspirations they've been afraid to acknowledge. That's precisely why embarking on the journey of self-discovery first is paramount. It's a path toward self-healing and an opportunity to learn from these internal triggers, ultimately leading to personal growth and understanding.

Once you've undertaken that journey of self-discovery, you can begin to embrace all facets of yourself. It's like declaring, "This is who I am, this is what I've been given, and I'm ready to take full responsibility for it."

Show your true colours…

Ownership entails accepting responsibility for all aspects of your life. It's about recognising that you are not merely a passive participant but an active creator of your own experiences. A crucial question to ask yourself is, "Where am I still holding back or adopting a victim mentality?" Taking ownership involves addressing these areas and stepping into your power to shape your life.

To genuinely live your best life, you must take ownership and accept responsibility for every aspect of it.

What is taking responsibility? The word consists of two words: response and ability: The ability to respond to the circumstances in your life.

Taking charge of what's happening in your life and respond in your best ability.

For example, if you are broke you could ask the government for money or you could say, I'll take a job to support myself and slowly start working on my craft.

Eventually you will be able to replace your job with the thing you are passionate about.

Embracing ownership of your life involves responsibility not only for your emotions, the challenges, and the controllable aspects, but most importantly taking ownership of the gifts and talents that you have been given.

Once this realization sinks in, it becomes your duty and responsibility to take action. To continuously refine your craft and share it with the world.

And that's where the next pillar comes in.

You have probably heard the saying "alone you can go fast, together you can go far."

At U-nite, we hold the belief that each individual contributes to the collective whole, which is why it all begins with "U" - the individual.

However, if we aspire to achieve greater heights and enact enduring transformations, collaboration is key.

It's through our collective efforts that we can create the profound impact we seek. This is why we are committed to bringing more resources and initiatives to our community.

In today's world, the importance of collaboration, sharing, and standing resolutely united in shared values cannot be overstated.

In a rapidly polarizing world, where governments and media often attempt to divide and pit people against each other, it falls upon us to discern the truth and come together. It's time for us to U-nite and overcome these divisive forces.

A compelling example to consider is the awareness that a powerful elite exerts significant control over various aspects of people's lives. While some individuals may respond with anger, it's essential to delve deeper and inquire into how and why this control exists in the first place.

Their secret lies in their ability to collaborate and work together effectively, which sets them apart from the majority of us who often operate under the assumption that we must handle everything on our own. This collective approach grants them a unique advantage.

Get together, let’s U-nite!

Imagine having a network where like-minded individuals come together to celebrate shared ideals, promoting collaboration, creativity, mutual support, and empowerment. Such a network has the potential to be a catalyst for positive change and collective growth.

Having the ability to generate opportunities that not only benefit the individual but, more importantly, enrich the entire collective.

Many individuals share similar values and a desire for a better world. However, it's important to remember that true change begins with "U" – each person taking personal responsibility and actively contributing to that vision.

This is why encouraging more collaborative projects is crucial. We must empower one another and leverage each other's strengths and talents. Belief, both in ourselves and in our peers, is essential. Together, we can uplift each other and collaboratively create a better world.

U-nite is this movement.

Ultimately, our goal is to pave the way for an entirely new way of life.

These are the areas that we are currently working on at the moment:
- Hosting events
- Advancing education
- Setting up our first creative hub
- Promoting our initiatives and the talented individuals involved

Join us in our mission to expand and onboard creative individuals into our growing network. Together, we'll nurture this creative, artistic community, working collaboratively to empower and shape the world we all deserve.

Rather than waiting for others to initiate change, we have the power to embody the change we wish to witness in the world.

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And remember, alone you can go fast, together we can go far. Let’s go far. Let’s U-nite!

Join the movement now!

With love,
Aron B. Waters